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Flexibility at the Brewers Hill Hub. You’ve got space needs? We’ve got you covered…

Single Desks

Need a single desk for a month or two? We got you covered. Our non-reserved (Hot)desks rates MtM are $250/month & $237.50/month for a 1 yr term. And at the Hub there are no annoying membership fees!


Whether you’d like 1 cube or multiple cubes, we can work with you to accommodate your needs. Our dedicated desk MtM rate is $350/month or choose a 1 yr term for  $333/month. Each desk includes lockable storage, hardwired internet and wi-fi. Cubes are reserved, so as long as you’re with us it’s all yours and only yours.

Private Offices

Need a private office? We’ve got a variety of options:

Single: $950 – MtM or $903 – 1 yr

Double (interior): $1200 – MtM or $1140 – 1 yr

 Double (exterior): $1475 MtM or $1401 – 1 yr

Triple: $1525 – MtM or $1449 – 1 yr

 Features: abundant natural light for exterior offices and skylight for building interior, desks and chairs. Some units offer built-in storage


How about a multi-person suite? Yep, we’ve got that, too. We have a selection of suites that will accommodate three to eight people comfortably. We can set up individual desks or combine the desks into a single conference table. Your call! For a Month to Month term Suites range from $2,000 – $2,550per month. Contact us for details on our availability and 1 yr term discounts!

Multi-Purpose Suites

Have a light manufacturing or assembly need? We have that, too! Brewers Hill Hub has two suites that each have plenty of cabinets and counters. Either is ideal for 8 to 10 employees. MtM terms rates start at $3250/month, as always if you choose a 1 yr term we offer a discounted rate. Contact us for details!

THe Hub Floorplan

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